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A bachelor party can mean many things. For some, it is a wild night of debauchery marking the last night of freedom. They paint a picture of an old hag at home keeping her husband under lock and key, never to see the light of day or the light of fun again. For most, though, it is simply a time to celebrate with your closest friends one of the biggest events of your life. You’re getting married! Now of course almost everyone is going to want to loosen up a bit and throw a few drinks back. What better way to celebrate your Bachelor Party than with a true Charleston Brewery tour.

Bachelor Party Brewery Tour 02Charleston has always historically been a drinking city with a church problem. Or maybe it was a drinking city with a pirate problem. Anyway. One of the oldest and proudest cities in America, we’ve always been booming on the trends and the brewery craze was no different. Starting with just Palmetto Brewery in 1993, we now boast 10 breweries all within a 20 minute maximum ride of each other. Palmetto was the first brewery to openly operate in South Carolina since Prohibition, and it took 14 years for another to try. But once they did, others joined in, and we now have quite a diverse assortment of breweries.

Planning your Charleston Bachelor Party to include a Brewery Tour not only makes life simple for you, but it makes it fun with little to no effort. Book a party bus so no one has to worry about driving and everyone can be in one vehicle because let’s face it, it’s no fun when the party has to split up for the drive. We want to crank our music and be ridiculous together, not have to hear the story of your adventure on the way over here that I didn’t get to be a part of because my Uber driver sucks. Financially speaking the more cost effective alternative is to rent a party bus, as the Uber or Lyft charges add up if your bachelor party includes more than 3 people.

Bachelor Party Brewery Tour 03The best starting point for your Charleston Brewery Tour would be in North Charleston, the city that plays host to 4 of the 10 breweries. That makes it an easy all day trip without too much drivetime. In North Charleston you will find Coast Brewing Company, our 2nd oldest brewery which opened in 2007. We’ve got Holy City which repurposed an old warehouse space and now has a full kitchen onsite as well as an expansive porch. Frothy Beard was started by 3 guys with beards. That alone makes it cool, but if that’s not enough for you they are host of pretty much any type of event, including but not limited to pro wrestling, grindcore, and comedy shows. Freehouse Brewery is set on the banks of the Ashley River and is our organic offering brewed in a farmhouse-inspired brewery.

Then you can go downtown and check out that oldest legal brewery, Palmetto, which just went through a major overhaul and renovation to include an all wood bar and another huge patio for regular live music. Revelry, also located downtown, came on the scene quick and hot, winning 4 medals with their first entries into the US Beer Open Championships. Also host to regular live music, as well as other community events. If you’re ready for some real dinner, stop into Edmund’s Oast, a brewpub which doesn’t have the capability to produce enough brew for offsite sales but offers a James Beard award winning restaurant and brews like PB&J (yes, you read that right) and Viridi Rex, a bright and tropical double IPA.

And those are just a few of our award winning breweries. Almost all of them host live music, have huge porches for hanging out and sipping, and feature amazing tour guides and brewers who are intensely passionate about their craft. There’s no better way to celebrate your bachelor party than with a few drinks and great memories with your guys. A Charleston Brewery Tour can help facilitate that good time.


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