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The yearly grapes harvest is here with us and with it, comes an opportunity to stomp the grapes too. Exciting right? For that reason, you should not miss to attend the Deep water vineyard grape stomp festival. This annual event is arguably one of the most thrilling festivals ever in the events calendar. You must be wondering how you can be part of the fun, right? Read on to know how.


Location and dates

This event will be held at the only winery at Charleston, Deep Water Vineyard, on 27th August from 10Am to 5Pm. The public is invited to attend this annual event and become part of an age old tradition. Amazingly, at Deep Water Vineyard, visitors can camp on the expensive lawn. You are allowed to bring a lawn chair or blanket but no coolers.

Why attend the deep water vineyard grape stomping festival?

Grape1One major reason why the grape stomping festival should be a must attend is the unique experience you will get to enjoy. There are various fun filled activities to participate in and thus you are assured of nothing short of a fun-filled day.
If you are an ‘I love Lucy Fan’ you definitely remember the I Love Lucy episode from 1956; where she was employed to stomp grapes in a vineyard. On that note, you cannot miss out on the festival’s highlight which happens to be the Lucy Look-A-Like Contest. You will get an opportunity to wear your best ‘I Love Lucy’ Costume and play this unforgettable episode.
Apart from the Lucy look-a-like contest, you can also enjoy stomping the local muscadines for the grape stomping contest.

Ticketing and Transport

You do not have to worry about your transport needs as we got you covered. Considering the numerous attendees of the festival, you will certainly need to have reliable transportation to and fro the venue. With Charleston Black Cab Company, you can rest assured that all your transport needs will be covered.Not only will you pay reasonable prices, but also you get to enjoy quality services from a driver who has vast experience on the Deep Water Vineyard Roads. To enjoy these reliable services, be sure to visit
For your ticketing needs, there are various avenues where you can purchase the tickets. In addition, you can also get the tickets online. Anyone can attend this event as you do not need to break a bank to afford the tickets. Admission per car will only cost $10. In addition, part of the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization. That said, you are also assured of ample security as you enjoy a fun-filled day under the oaks at Charlton’s only winery.



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