As typical in the South, we are slow to get on the bandwagon for catchy things that the rest of the country has already been there, shut down—Starbucks—but again in typical southern style, when we get the ball rolling, we do it better and with more flavor and pizazz. For instance, props to Revelry at the U.S. Open Beer Championship for winning 3rd overall.  Revelry walked in with five incredible beers and strutted out with four medals and a nod for most creative name “Funkmaster Brett and the Furious Hops”. 

Charleston is brewing with ten already well-established breweries, offering an array of choices from bacon infusion, intense hops or even espresso. The Carolina blue sky is the limit, it seems, to these wizards of the craft that work their magic for our benefit.

Here at Crafted, we have explored the breweries in Charleston and have chosen to feature some amazing establishments.  Our regular tour consists of these great leaders in southern breweries:

Palmetto has been around the longest (since 1994) and has a tried and true roster of ales with the amber and pale, and they kick it up with some fun seasonal offerings as well.  The staff is relaxed and friendly and the outdoor porch offers a place to enjoy the outdoors, listen to some great music and maybe take part in one of the great events they are always hosting.

Holy City is celebrating their 4th anniversary. You will enjoy the warehouse vibe with its great new seating renovations. Add a hardworking, dedicated staff and we know you will love tasting the tried and true “pluff mud porter” and “holy city pilsner,” or smack your lips for the fun seasonal offerings like the “Bowens Island oyster stout” or “pecan dream”. 
Revelry is in it to win it, and they will impress you with some champions like the “o my darling” or their other gold winner, “lean or fat” summer ale.  You will love the art and funk of the property in this off-the-beaten-path locale.  With a variety of food truck offerings and a local musician always singing a tune, this place will satisfy any beer connoisseur, fill your stomach and indulge your ears. Revelry is a great last stop on our tour. 

Additional options
Frothy Beard–A bit further off the beaten path but too cool not to mention, Frothy Beard is the little Charleston Brewery that can represent the city… of North Charleston!  This place offers fun food truck visitors, a total warehouse vibe, dogs chillin, and of course amazing, daring beer offerings like the “Arnold Palmer amber” and “white choconaut”.

Edmund Oast–This is everyone’s current little darling. After visiting for a disappointing brunch, I peeped at the beer offerings and was more than willing to give this popular, hip joint a belly up to the bar.  Pair the huge variety of brews with a cheese and meat plate (cured in house) and be part of the cool crowd.

Coast Brewery–Another great brewery that’s not afraid to lure you to North Charleston is one of City Paper’s favorites Coast Brewery.  The words close to my heart—organic, local and small family owned.  This brewery in Charleston is another food truck supporter and isn’t afraid to throw some interesting ingredients into the barrel to make some great brews like “pinata pirate” and “black beard imperial”.

We are so excited at Crafted to launch our Charleston vacation company! In following our passions, we chose to showcase a comfortable, private brewery tour as our very first offering, and let’s not forget we throw in a few distilleries to kick it up a notch.  Please give us a call to reserve a tour as part of your handpicked vacation package of restaurant dining, adventure outings, golfing and local shopping suggestions that only we can create for you here at CRAFTED travel. 

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