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Owner and Creator/Golf Enthusiast

Toan D
Toan grew up here in Charleston and worked hard to rise to the top. He learned from every work opportunity—organization skills from the night shift at a Waffle House, humbleness and how to keep his head down and work hard as part of a landscaping crew, and expert navigation skills from driving Charleston’s streets as a cab driver. A business graduate from Charleston College, Toan used his education and collective work experience to fulfill his dream of being a business owner a year ago. Toan developed an executive car service into a consistently growing local business.  He always has a million thoughts in the cooker, but the idea of developing tours and a concierge service took first priority. Crafted travel was quick to develop.  Toan has been blissfully married for six years and is the doting father of a one year old tyke with another little angel soon on the way.


Accountant/Family Fun

Quyen D

Mrs. T A transplant from Vietnam, Quyen worked hard to learn a new language, find a love of Charleston food and gain an accounting degree from the College of Charleston all at once!  She is the surrogate mother of all the staff and has one toddler and all too soon will have another baby girl. Quyen keeps our books in order and always helps with the final decisions of the businesses.


Lead Concierge/Outdoor Adventure

Tat Pic GoodTatiana F
Tatiana grew up in central OR and then set out exploring the US, living in AK, AZ, LA, TX, and WY before finally planting her roots and tomatoes here in the perfect place for her and her black lab—Hanahan, SC.  With a college education in travel and tourism and years of real world experience, she was the perfect fit to help create CRAFTED travel.  As an adventure girl, Charleston Daily blogger and co-host of the local pod cast “Love Bent and Adventure Bound,” she has the inside scoop on finding adventure in the treasure chest of Charleston.



Concierge/Food Enthusiast

KimberlyKimberly S

Kimberly is our spicy Chiquita who has the experience of growing up locally, and she loves tasting her way through Charleston.  With a great palate, she is your go-to in finding the best place to satisfy your cravings, and she will get all the details right for your perfect vacation.  Kimberly is a proud mother of two spunky and wonderful children and has made her home in Summerville, SC. 



IMG 5431Wine Expert/History Driver

Thomas H
With a background in local wine sales, Thomas has the inside scoop on where to enjoy the best vino and what menu item at a wonderful Lowcountry restaurant you should pair it with.  Thomas is our go-to for making sure our large parties get the care and adventure they deserve.



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Brewery& Distillery Driver/Brewery expert

Dan A

Dan hails from Colorado where microbreweries reign.  Dan has the personality to keep you entertained during your tours and the expertise to get you there on time and safely.  He is happily married and the parent to two pups that all reside in North Charleston. 



Al Ray

History Guide

Al Ray

We are so pleased to have Al on board as our history guide.  Al started his guiding career as a hungry college student in 1979. He will tell you that he started out in a carriage barn shoveling horse dung and he’s been at it ever since! Seeking cleaner work, he went on to drive tour buses and conduct walking tours. Al’s family has been here for over 200 years, and he knows his home turf unlike anybody else. His in-depth knowledge on so many topics gives us the option to create just the right tour to fit your interests! Al is also a dealer in fine Southern stoneware made in the Deep South between 1820 and 1930, so I guess that makes him an old time pot dealer too. 

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