Our Southern summer has produced an ample harvest from our local farms, and Chef Brandon Buck has found fresh finds to create a feast. You can’t miss the opportunity to try quail mixed with organic veggies, and a meal wouldn’t be complete without a pork belly course from Heritage Farms. This is all enhanced by our local brew masters from Holy City creating summer seasonal beers to pair with your meal. Join us to celebrate the tastes of summer with music by Graham Whorley this Sunday evening, August 23rd, for the second annual Hot Nights & Holy City Dinner!  

ResortOur local feature this week is Bazaar at the Point. You will find products made from Charleston craftsmen and artists. You can be proud to support local art and may find that perfect piece you have been looking for to complete your home’s unique look.  We are fond of all the great things Charleston Harbor and Resort has to offer, and they are awesome enough to host this opportunity to enjoy the last days of summer at this outdoor bazaar. Listen to live music, eat some local food and be that person that brought the cool gift. Sunday August 23rd from 11:00 am 2:00 pm. 


DirtyOutdoor movie night on Wednesday. Don’t put baby on the beach! Who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing and what better way to enjoy a Patrick Swayze classic than sitting on Folly Beach with other fans under the stars with the sea breeze cooling you off from our amazing summer day?   8:20 pm is the start time, so be sure to get there early enough to grab a couple cocktails at Tides and set up your chairs for a Charleston beach movie night.  Learn more about the variety of outdoor film viewing opportunities all over Charleston with our segment “Try the Guide” on LoveBent Adventure Bound tonight, Tuesday the 18th,  at 8:00 pm. Listen in at Kenetic hifi.


TomatoSouthern Season Cooking Classes-It’s Raining Tomatoes
I’m jumping the gun for a next week activity.  This is the perfect summer hands-on class – get registered now! These smaller classes sell out fast; both options for this week are already full.  Sure all the demo classes offered throughout the week at Southern Seasons cooking school are great, but you want to get your hands dirty. Yes, we all love bacon! Learn how to make bacon tomato jam, and other great tomato usage ideas are also on the menu. If you have tomato plants this year, you know you will start to scratch your head wondering how to utilize all those lovely fruits! The chefs at Southern Season will provide. August 28, 2015 at 5:00pm

Stereo2Stereo 8 popped up on my open table page and I had to check it out.  The owners did a facelift to the property with their own hands and ideas, and it looks amazing.  From the cargo container patio seating to the cool paintings directly on the wall and a fire pit that will be perfect this fall, this place feels good to be in. You can hear the love and focus on music through the great variety streaming out of the speakers.  The sound and layout make the perfect palette to put your palate to the test with food influences from Asia and Latin America and of course a Charleston flavor backbone to it all.   Our hostess was warm and efficient, and our server had the menu down and was on top of the wine and cocktail offerings. The menu is all over the board, and once they find the winners and lock it down, the place will be hitting its stride and winning the races.  Good atmosphere, very attentive service.  Do not miss out on the wine flight option, crispy rock shrimp taco, and lamb kefta. 

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