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    (within Charleston limits)

    Luxury Transportation

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    1 Charleston Distillery
    Tour and Tastings Included
    2 Charleston Breweries
    Tour and Tastings Included
    Bottled Water




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    Advance Reservation
    Highly Recommended
    Booking Deposit

    Online - Full Charge
    Phone - 25% Deposit

    Price & Duration

    $145 per person
    Up to 4 Hours
    BBQ Meal +$20

    A Charleston Brewery Tour with Crafted Travel is like no other! You are invited to enjoy the perks of local booze and brews with a steady stream of laughs and hilarious drunk stories to go around! You’ll hit the road on a New Party Bus  as you make your way to 1 Charleston Distillery for a tasting of locally-distilled spirits before visiting a couple of Charleston Breweries to taste the buzzing beer scene around town. The tour wraps up with an optional pit stop at a barbecue joint for delicious smoked meats and beer. Every stop on our Brewery-themed tours is handpicked to help you get the most out of Charleston on any given day! We Make it Epic by giving you the keys to the city to do with as you please!

    A wise man once said “Liquor before Beer, You’re in the Clear” and that has never been more true than right now. The distillery scene in Charleston is rife with spirits smooth to the taste buds and sweet to the soul, and allows you to relax away after a long day at work. We empower you to choose the distillery you want to visit in the Charleston area, each employing a unique blend of locally-sourced ingredients to produce a memorable product to put on the shelves. Liquor shooting is not only encouraged, but is our calling card as you fill your glass with specialty rum, moonshine, and other spirits. Don’t forget to drink responsibly and prepare yourself for the two Charleston Brewery stops just ahead!

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    Charleston Breweries deliver where others fall short—pouring distinctive crafted beers into your glass. Local favorites like Washout Wheat and Hell or High Watermelon were minted to give beer drinkers a blend with a uniquely Charleston flair. With the first pint on us, the door flings open to sample an assortment of other handcrafted brews at no risk to you. An unwritten rule of the beer code is to gather the courage to step out of your tasting zone; if you prefer blonde or pale ales, let a porter or stout keep you company! The final Charleston Brewery stop is where things get interesting. You will be drawn to a richer beer palate that will make you appreciate the creative artistry of the brew master himself. Con moto!

    Crafted Travel is separated from the rest with the widest fleet of Party Buses in South Carolina that are equipped to hop Breweries in Charleston! Every vehicle is fully stocked with two local craft beers for each guest with the allure of tasty snacks and bottled water to keep you filled and hydrated throughout the journey. And what would a road trip be without an enhanced audio system to listen to your favorite tunes and colorful strobe lights you can groove to? This bodes well for an awesome experience where snapping selfies and showing off a few dance moves you’ve been working on are encouraged. Don’t forget to BYOB if you are looking to take things to the next level—we have coolers with ice to carry your drinks.

    The festivities don’t have to come to an end just yet! You are free to choose an optional destination at Lewis Barbecue Downtown to grab a meal and a pint. A visit here comes at an additional fee, but it is the perfect way to end a day of drinking! Beer and barbecue go together like rice and gravy, and you will savor every bite while following it up with a delicious pint of beer. Head Pitmaster John Lewis seasons every dish with homegrown Texas flavor and boasts a menu featuring local favorites like Texas Hot Guts and dry-rubbed Texas Smoked Brisket. This Lowcountry smokehouse gives a fresh twist on beef brisket in a region where traditional barbecue is king!

    Whether you call Charleston home, or are a traveler and beer lover abroad, booking a Charleston Brewery tour helps scratch a few items off your bucket list. You can enjoy a few crisp golden brews and take a deeper dive into the brighter side in pure, unadulterated fashion. Life in Charleston is easygoing, and most residents you meet will tout of the harmony of our people, flowing peaceably like a finely-tuned cello. There are limitless things to do here in such limited time, and that is why Crafted Travel has made it a mission to pull the curtain back for you on a city we love so much. There’s a flavor for every taste, and you’ll find what you are looking for with our experienced team guiding you through the process.

    Find the Ark of the Brewery in Charleston with Crafted Travel!

    Please book at least 24 hours in advance - Extra hours are additionally charged. All tours include entry fees and guide. We reserve the right to combine groups of 8 or less into a larger group.

    All tours include door-to-door transportation, guide & tastings at each location. Rates do not include driver gratuity.

    Remember to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to our most common inquiries.

    Our team at Crafted Travel understands your appeal to safety and security for the whole group when having a good time. It is why we take the burden of drinking and driving squarely off of your shoulders by handing the keys to drivers experienced in the art of chauffeuring.

    "I highly recommend this tour--and any tour from this company--to anyone visiting charleston and looking to have a great, luxurious time! "

    TripAdvisor Review - Sept 2021

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