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Boone Hall

Boone Hall Tour

Tour the only working plantation still in existence at Boone Hall. Your personal tour guide will walk you through a private adventure in a 4+ hour tour in this intimate setting. From the beautiful oak framed entrance to the working gardens, you’ll become enthralled with its grandeur.


Magnolia Gardens Tour

Enjoy strolling through the oldest privately held gardens in America. Magnolia’s magnificent view and history as a working rice plantation is an extraordinary peek into Charleston’s history. Guided tours will take you through the plantation house and an exclusive Slavery to Freedom route. Take a ride on the nature train and get the full experience with one of Charleston’s Top Tour Guides at CRAFTED TOURS.


Middleton Place Tour

Explore Middleton Place on a private tour and in style. Our luxurious transportation service and personal guide will show you the magnificent gardens that have become one of the most beautiful places in America. You’ll be amazed at the glorious flora that make up the gardens and the rich history behind the plantation.

South Carolina is well known for it's gorgeous antebellum homes and architecture. The best part is that many of these beautiful plantation homes are within a nice drive of downtown Charleston. Come enjoy a beautiful drive out these historic plantations which are impressive just to see but the stories that go with them make the experience all the better. Listen to stories about the local families that built these beautiful homes and the people who once walked their halls. Your tour guide will take you on an amazing journey so rich and vibrant you will feel like you just stepped into a novel. See the settings of scenes from classic movies like The Patriot, The Notebook and Gone With The Wind as you stroll through rows of majestic oak trees and landscapes that have survived wars, earthquakes and hurricanes.

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