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Craft Beer Is Blowing Up In Charleston


The number of craft breweries throughout Charleston has always been hefty, but the weight is ever increasing in the area as time goes on.  Charleston has one of the largest numbers of craft brewers in the country as it is, and that certainly isn’t going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, there are some who have yet to get their feet off the ground.  Large in size, or tiny, it may soon become an issue for the area if things continue to progress as they have been as is quite apparent these days. There is no possible way that, even as things stand as of today, that the majority of bars could keep even one kind of beer on tap to meet the needs of every brewery.  Even the bar, Closed For Business, which has over 40 beers on tap couldn’t be a host for all the local breweries.

The opening of new breweries may be good for the economy in the short term, but it may all end up balancing out in the end if they are not all able to maintain a stronghold in the industry.  The smaller breweries may altogether become extinct, so they job market could very possibly even see a drop in employment rates as time progresses.

Even the grocery stores can barely keep up with all the different possibilities right now, not to mention how much more difficult it will be for them to keep their name stocked on the shelves when the variety gets bigger and bigger.

There are some breweries who don’t sell to stores or bars. This can work to their disadvantage because of location and proximity to the city. However, because of the one-of -a-kind taste and flavor these breweries offer, they can still remain at the top of the preferred list. The Charleston craft beer scene is definitely growing quickly.

There are some breweries which have preferred blends that people in the area crave which helps keep them open and will most likely be able to continue to. 

Some are thriving on their prime location, such as Revelry Brewing, because they are near all the downtown hot spots. Others are benefiting from their unique tasting rooms while others focus on specific age groups to draw in their customers. It has been dually noted that Charleston has certainly moved up the ladder in the world of the hip and trendy, and many breweries aren’t willing to miss out on the chance to use this to their audience.

With the countless number of breweries comes countless options as well.  No matter whether you are young or old, hip or feeble, enjoy the city life or taking a drive out to the country, one thing is for sure- Charleston will give you whatever it is you are seeking when it comes to craft brews.