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firefly-distillery-tour-6a556496 Charleston Tours - Firefly Distillery

Charleston Tours - Firefly Distillery

Whether you are from Charleston South Carolina, or you are visiting, an essential activity for the grownups is a distillery tour. Visiting small batch spirit distilleries gives you the chance to meet the passionate professionals while you get to explore the diverse history of spirits and distilling in Charleston while being safely transported. You can be guaranteed that Crafted Charleston has the tour that is best suited for you and your unique tastes. Speaking of taste, Firefly Distillery situated on Wadmalaw Island, thirty miles south of Charleston. Firefly Distillery is the largest distillery in the South Carolina and has become a leading destination in the Charleston, SC area (for good reason).

Firefly Distillery Charleston Distillery ToursWhen you choose to tour Firefly Distillery get to learn about the distillation process while meeting the talented professionals who make the tasty beverages and spirits. You get to taste different samples from any of the Firefly brands in the Firefly Tasting Room, meaning you’re likely to try some things you’re probably not going to find at home including the Sweet Tea Whiskey which is only available at the distillery. These products are all incredible and you will likely find yourself leaving with a bottle or two. You can even visit the stunning Irvin House Vineyards that neighbors Firefly.

Founders, Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt, decided to build a distillery in what was thought of as the ‘middle of nowhere,’ in order to make the world’s first Sweet Tea Vodka, developing into a prime destination notorious for its candid southern hospitality, and of course its high quality spirits. This magical place is inspired by southern nostalgia.

As friends and founders, Jim and Scott, formed their company they didn’t agree with the expensive licensing fees and didn’t want to have any confrontations with “The Law”; taking power into their own hands they lobbied and successfully got a bill passed into state law that made it both reasonably priced and legal to distill, sample and purchase bottled spirits at a distillery.
The changes that Scott and Jim made allowed for them to establish their distillery and grow it from a dream into a nationally recognized brand known for its known for its taste and smoothness.  Because the popular demand for Firefly products, their spirits that are sold outside of South Carolina are made in their sister distilleries in Kentucky.

Firefly is in a beautiful location, surrounded by picturesque Muscatine vines amongst a backdrop of oak trees and an abundant garden of stevia, hops and fruit. Incredible scenery and tastes… this place is an indulgence for the senses! This is a top notch spot on one of your Charleston Tours.