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Charleston Grape Varietals: A Symphony of Southern Flavors

Welcome to Charleston, where the air is as sultry as the jazz tunes that waft through the streets, and the grape varietals are as diverse as the colorful facades of historic homes. In this symphony of Southern flavors, we'll explore a quartet of grape varietals that define the city's wine scene, from the iconic Muscadine to the elegant Blanc du Bois, the charming Carlos Muscadine, and the golden treasure of the Scuppernong. Get ready for a fun-filled journey through colors, flavor notes, body types, and delectable food pairings that'll make your taste buds dance like a Charleston local, all brought to you by Crafted Travel's Charleston winery tours!

Muscadine Grapes: The Southern Delight

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Color: Picture a Southern sunset – that's the range of colors Muscadine grapes come in, from deep purple and bold black to shimmering bronze and vibrant red.

Flavor Notes: When you take a sip of Muscadine wine, expect sweet, juicy goodness with a hint of muskiness, like a playful banjo riff in a glass. It also has those fancy floral and fruity notes that'll have your taste buds humming like a fiddle. ??

Blanc du Bois: The Elegant Belle

Color: Blanc du Bois grapes bring a touch of elegance to the vineyards with their crisp greenish-gold hue.

Flavor Notes: This grape varietal offers a refreshing taste with hints of citrus and tropical fruits, like a sip of Southern sophistication. It's like a Charleston garden party in a glass. ??

Carlos Muscadine: The Charming Cousin

Color: Carlos Muscadine grapes offer a familiar deep purple or black hue, reminiscent of their Muscadine heritage.

Flavor Notes: Sip on Carlos Muscadine wine, and you'll encounter a twist – it's sweet with a slightly spicier kick. It's like the charming cousin of Muscadine grapes, adding a little spice to the family reunion. ??

Scuppernong: The Golden Treasure

Color: Scuppernong grapes are the true golden treasures of Southern vineyards, with their striking bronze skin and radiant allure.

Flavor Notes: Savor the honeyed flavor of Scuppernong, reminiscent of Southern hospitality. It's like a warm summer evening on a porch swing in every sip. ??

Now, let's take a look at some delectable wines that you can find from local wine shops, or wineries:

  • Muscadine Wine: Seek out "Carolina Red" by Duplin Winery, a delightful sweet Muscadine wine. You can also explore "Carlos" Muscadine wine from various local producers, offering that intriguing sweet and slightly spicier profile. These wines capture the essence of the South in every sip and can be experienced on Crafted Travel's wine tours.
  • Blanc du Bois Wine: Keep an eye out for "Blanc du Bois" wines produced by wineries in the Charleston area. They often showcase the crisp, refreshing qualities of this elegant grape varietal. A local favorite is "Palmetto Blush" by Deep Water Vineyard, a delightful expression of Blanc du Bois, which you can savor on Crafted Travel's guided wine adventures.
  • Scuppernong Wine: Discover Scuppernong wines, like "Scuppernong Gold," produced by local wineries. These wines capture the essence of the golden treasure with their honeyed notes. "Scuppernong" by Duplin Winery is another delightful choice, with its rich, golden flavors, which you can explore during Crafted Travel's wine-tasting excursions.

As you explore these wines, you'll experience the rich tapestry of Charleston's wine culture, each bottle telling a unique story of Southern hospitality and tradition. Whether you're sipping on Muscadine, Blanc du Bois, Carlos Muscadine, or Scuppernong, you're in for a true taste of Southern charm and a symphony of flavors, all enhanced by Crafted Travel's expertly curated wine tours. Cheers to raising your glass and joining the Charleston wine harmony! ???