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charleston-battery-570cb409 The History of the Charleston, SC Battery

The History of the Charleston, SC Battery

The Charleston Battery has a deep and rich history dating back to the civil war era. It starts from the Charleston harbor and runs along the Charleston peninsula. The Ashley and Cooper Rivers both are borders to the Charleston Battery and flow out to the sea.  It was once home to Fort Broughton and Fort Wilkins and played a significant role in a number of wars throughout American history. It was used in defense of enemies a number of times in Charleston, South Carolina.

The battery is known for its scenery, famous White Point Garden and historic park.  There are historic antebellum homes which are breathtaking as well as spectacular views of Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse off the coast. Historic Fort Sumpter and Castle Pinckney can be seen from the promenade as well.  At the famous park, weddings and events are regularly held. There is a lovely gazebo and which was built in 1907. This gazebo, the Williams Music Pavilion, is a historic piece of Battery Park. For a time, concerts were held, but were put to a halt due to neighbors complaining about noise, never to resume again.

Oyster Point is another great place to check out and can be found at the tip of the peninsula. It got its name because there are hundreds of beached oysters all over the place. In the mid 1800’s, rocks were built up to protect the shoreline in the form of 10-foot high walls. It then became a part itself, known as the White Point Garden today. 

The Battery has historic homes and war memorabilia throughout and is considered a heavily trafficked tourist area in Charleston.   Restorations have been completed throughout the years to prevent the risk of damage to the Battery and other areas of Charleston due to a potential hurricane. So far, the restorations have proven successful in preserving the historic aspects of the Battery.  There are many amazing, beautiful and historical places the check out at the Charleston Battery which is sure to be entertaining for people of all ages.  Come enjoy the many sights of the Battery while getting even more great info on Charleston's past with one of our charleston history tours.