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Boone-Hall-Christmas-8e0bd9e5 A Lowcountry Christmas at Boone Hall Plantation

A Lowcountry Christmas at Boone Hall Plantation

The Christmas season wakes up at Boone Hall Plantation with a Lowcountry Christmas, an energizing new extraordinary occasion intended to convey occasion enchantment and delight to individuals of all ages! As occasion time moves through these goliath oaks, Boone Hall wakes up with celebrations, embellishments, and great ole southern occasion accommodation, that is just befitting America's Most Photographed manor. This season of year re-underlines how Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens is really as one of the main vacation spots in the Charleston, S.C. Lowcountry.

A Lowcountry Christmas at Boone Hall Plantation

Christmas Boone Hall plantation

This occasion will permit guests to experience three totally immersive attractions that are intended to display a percentage of the conventional components of the Christmas season in a way individuals haven't seen some time recently.

Santa's Castle

Santa Castle

This will be a completely immersive ordeal as visitors will have the capacity to go into and visit through Santa's once undercover palace loaded with marvel. Through supernatural 3D glasses, visitors will see Santa's mythical beings working diligently making toys as Mrs. Claus and her assistants are heating up treats in her extraordinary kitchen; all while Santa is planning for the huge night. What's more, yes, Santa will arrive to welcome all and posture for that unique picture.

Holiday Hayride

This is a thrilling, 20 minutes ride through the woods on a feed wagon that will take visitors through the superb Christmas story of Ebenezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carol. This otherworldly excursion through lights and custom showcases will amuse visitors with narrating and music as they experience the enchantment of Christmas from the perspective of the popular character – Scrooge

Christmas Town

Christmas Town offers a unique walk around a Main Street that is about Christmas. Each structures along the road will be completely trimmed in lights and a full covering of lights extends overhead the full length of the road. Each half hour the town will wake up with a mysterious light show synchronized to music. The town will likewise incorporate some occasion shops, regular nourishment and refreshments, and a lot of amusement all finished off with the town's Christmas tree.


November 27 - November 29
December 3 - 6 December
December 10 - 13 December
December 26 - 30 and 1st January

Time: 5:30 P.M - 10:30 P.M

Note: This event be shut on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. Guests to Lowcountry Christmas can't enter the occasion from the primary access to Boone Hall Plantation on Long Point Road.

The passageway to this occasion is situated on Hwy. 17 1/2 mile north of Long Point Road. On the off chance that you are utilizing a direction gadget you can enter 2330 Hwy. 17 North - Mount Pleasant, SC and that will take you right to the passage for this occasion.