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charleston-winery-tour-02-52624551 Wine and the Sippin’ Wadmawlaw Island Tour: What to Expect

Wine and the Sippin’ Wadmawlaw Island Tour: What to Expect

Crafted Travel has been routinely recognized as one of Charleston’s top local travel agencies, boasting an exquisite line of luxury vehicles capable of transporting large groups of people to and through all destinations offered. Within this piece, we will be detailing one of Crafted Travel’s most esteemed touring packages: the Sippin’ Wadmalaw Island Tour.

This Winery Tour is one of three general touring categories, with the other two having stakes in historic Charleston and Brewery Tours. It is an excellent option for the experienced drinker—within the boundaries of responsibility—and the creative at heart who appreciate the art of winemaking and the richness of the finished product.

The Sippin’ Tour is prepared with the attention to detail you would rightfully expect from a leader in the greater touring industry. If you are lucky enough to select this tour, a memorable adventure awaits as you begin by paying a visit to the Angel Oak Tree—a fine example of the Lowcountry’s prestigious history—which is believed to be nearly 1500 years old. It is a gem rooted in its beauty and size that triumphs the core of routine aging.

After enjoying the breathtaking twists and turns of the tree, you will be chauffeured to Deep Water Vineyard, where you will be treated to a concourse of the finest wines that the Holy City has within its arsenal. The vineyard is located on Wadmalaw Island, only twenty minutes from James Island. The property, owned by Jesse and Andrea Freiwald, is saturated with seven miles of vines that produce local wine names such as Lowcountry Red, Magnolia and Deep Water Blend. And the vineyard offers four additional wines with grapes indigenous to the state of California.

Deep Water Vineyard

Another tour is in store upon finishing your adventure at the Deep Water Vineyard as you move on to the Firefly Distillery, which is conveniently located within the same address in a separate unit on Bears Bluff Road. Firefly produces quality vodka, moonshine, bourbon and whiskey, which is precisely why the brand has enjoyed great success within the Charleston area and beyond. Popular spirit titles include Sweet Tea Flavored Whiskey, Banana Pudding, and Chocolate Pecan Pie. Conducive to Lowcountry locality, tea leaves are grown only five miles from the distillery. While this is officially the final stop of the tour, an option of enjoying Charleston Craft Beer is available at your discretion. And it is highly recommended—if you can handle it.

If you decide to enjoy an afternoon with Crafted Travel, luxury transportation will be provided in the form of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van capable of carrying fourteen passengers. And complimentary snacks, cold water and souvenirs are offered by your assigned tour guide at your leisure. Crafted Travel has brought to the table fresh and invigorating ideas in order to offer the best experiences with all of the fun and none of the risk of getting behind the wheel intoxicated. The beauty in taking a winery tour rests in experiencing Charleston culture through the storied pastime of wine tastings and the subtlety of winemaking.