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birthday-partybus-f6e39d22 Transform Your Birthday Party From Average to Awesome with a Party Bus

Transform Your Birthday Party From Average to Awesome with a Party Bus

Charleston Black Cab is bringing the heat with an affordable Party Bus package that will elevate your birthday experience from average to awesome. To get the big picture, ask a simple question—what is a Party Bus? Think of it as a private club on wheels, featuring strobe lights, limousine lights, a high-quality sound system, and other additions fit for a star. The vehicles range in size & style, creating a personal touch that makes your birthday all about you.


Generally, an event package with Crafted Travel—a sister company of the Charleston Black Cab Company—lasts between four and five hours. Customers rave about the ability to customize local event packages and the willingness of travel planners to put in the extra work to achieve the desired results. Booking a Party Bus in Charleston is a modest investment at only 20-40 dollars per person, making the bus portion effectively free. BYOB is a requirement if you want to drink—but don’t worry, it’s a much better alternative than bar-hopping.

Staying true to your needs means expanding what’s possible, which is why Crafted Travel is offering an affordable equipment rental package. It keeps your options open between parking the bus outside of your residence (when accepted) or transforming the vehicle into a movable bar. Parks, open spaces, or other preferred locations should be relayed to your travel planner so that they can plan accordingly.

Party Buses are the Hot Trend

Have you ever been on a Party Bus? It is like nothing you have ever experienced. It doesn’t matter if you are a partying novice or veteran—it’s about making the most of everything and having the time of your life. Traveling the traditional route to a bar or nightclub accumulates other expenses that can bury you in frustration, along with the added stress of doing it all on your own. By choosing a Party Bus with Crafted Travel, measures are taken to enhance your experience, including stocking the bus with complimentary gift bags, mimosa kits, and cheese plates upon request.

Party Buses have been popular in the Holy City for just over a decade, and the Charleston Black Cab Company has been offering them ever since. Numerous developments have been made over time, such as higher quality parts, expanded use of technology and general facelifts—all central to improving the industry. Charleston Black Cab even has the largest Party Bus fleet in Charleston. (For more insight on renting a Party Bus, click here.)

Interior of Party Bus

Party Down South with Crafted Travel

Your run-of-the-mill travel planner doesn’t have the resources to put together a package with the necessary building blocks to meet your high expectations. Arrangements for dinner, cruising on a preferred route, or a trip to one of Charleston’s many nightclubs are all fantastic additions to a birthday celebration.

With the others, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Nothing the others offer compares to what a Crafted Travel adventure planner can do—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The ideas are limitless, starting with a variety of Charleston Party Bus vehicles, different modes of pickup, and a brand-new buffet option prepared by celebrity Chef Roland Feldman that accompanies a tour to Deep Water Vineyard and Firefly Distillery. Buckle up and prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience!

party down

Take a Tour in Stride with Charleston’s Best Tour Guides

Professional. Courteous. Informed. These aforementioned qualities are crucial to your experience as a valued customer. And it’s something Crafted Travel excels in, illustrated by stellar service provided by drivers with an exceptional record. An informed clientele always looks to a company’s commitment to excellence, timeless understanding, and elevated modes of delivery.

Drivers and guides are skilled in the art of being kind and hospitable—it’s a piece of the Southern charm, and who doesn’t want that? They have fused both knowledge and experience to perfection, creating a win-win scenario for the entire crew, every single time. Consider yourself in good hands when choosing this company for your special day.

Since You’re Here, Check Out Other Tours and Services

Crafted Travel offers a collection of tours for any occasion. Love beer and barbecue? Look no further than the Bourbon, Beer & BBQ tour. Do you enjoy delicious wine tastings but prefer Sweet Tea Whiskey? You can have both with the Public Sippin’ Tour, which will take you to the famous Firefly Distillery and Deep Water Vineyard. Historic Walking and Zipline tours are also available if the party scene isn’t your thing. There’s a treat for everyone, and we haven’t even mentioned everything. Charleston is yours for the taking—embrace the opportunity. Call (843) 804-9933 or visit them online to learn more.