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Gather up the crew and get ready for a first-class party adventure! To kickoff the celebration we’ll pick you up in celebrity VIP style. With a party bus big enough for you and 17 of your friends to get wild in there is no excuse for humdrum memory making. Blacked out windows mean that what happens on the party bus stays on the party bus.

Flashing colored and strobe lights help to get the festivities started, and when you hook up your phone or music device to our world class sound system it’s seemingly impossible not to get into the mood to play. Soft and fluffy, our leather seats will entice you to roll around in their whipped butter-like existence, but with the bass pumping and the drinks flowing you’ll be hard pressed to remain in that seated position for too long. A large privacy window allows you to decide whether you want to include your driver in on the fun, and 2 wet bars stocked with champagne and rocks glasses take your soiree up a notch, giving you all the power in your exclusive private party experience.

We’ll travel through the beauty of the lowcountry to our first destination, allowing you to experience a lifestyle afforded to the upper echelon of Charleston society. The adventure continues off the bus as we take a stop in at Irvin House Vineyards, the home of juicy local muscadine wine and the birthplace of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. As you exit the bus and feast your eyes on the breathtaking natural art with peace and serenity emanating from the grounds, you will be transported to a time of old Southern gentility: Spanish moss draping the live oak trees which line the drive; open fields of grapes surrounded by a vast forest of varying exquisite shades of green, all basking in the light of the sun; the smell of salt water heavy in the air, prickling your skin with its refreshing vitality. You’ll find some farm creatures to love on, too, from the requisite chickens and roosters, to the adorably plush bunnies and our beloved cow (who love to be nuzzled). Take just a moment to absorb it all and let the contentment settle to your bones. Now let’s keep this party rolling.

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Through the gift shop and into the back room, we’ll lead you straight to round one of your tastings. In the room where the wine is made your tour guide will bring you along a journey which entails the history of the vineyards, expanding your knowledge about our special brand of grapes. Muscadine grapes are the only type of grape which are native to the US and just so happen to be our specialty here in the Southeast. There is a brief video exploration of the fields and vines, answering any lingering questions and offering you an intimate view of the people who brought their dream to life. Then let the tasting commence! We offer five wine labels from four grape varietals, all of which have a sweetness that will bring your inner child out to play. And take heart in the fact that muscadine wine is almost bursting with antioxidants, so really you’re being very healthy right now.  Go on, give yourself a pat on the back. Many cheers, toasts, and laughs later we will graciously wrap your wine glass and place it in a gift bag for you as a present for you from us. Healthy drinks AND presents? It doesn’t get much better than this, right?


{module Sippin Tour Video Large}Au contraire! Moving from the wine tasting to our liquor tasting room, you will feel the ambience shift from old Southern genteel to that of a late night bonfire party at Firefly Distillery. Take some time along the way to snap pictures with your friends; Our wine themed tintamarresque is sure to be a favorite to remember the day by. In a small barn style building you will find a wrap-around bar to your left and shelves upon shelves of liquor to your right. Light pours in through the many windows, beaming gold from our high glossed natural wood walls, floor, and bar. It is an open and inviting space, planting the urge to dance amongst all who enter. As you saddle up to the bar your liquor guide will hand you a long and varied list from which you are to choose 6 spirits for tasting. Now this will be very difficult as we have 8 vodkas, 8 moonshines, 2 whiskeys, 6 liqueurs, and 3 rums (that’s 27 total) to choose from. But don’t you fret! That’s what your guide is there for. They will explain the flavors, the best and most popular pairings, and can help you whittle your list down to the final 6. We usually recommend partnering up with a friend so you can share some of your tastes, but it’s hard not to be greedy with our delicious spirits once the tasting begins. In this room is where you will find out who your real friends are. Just beware of the white lightening moonshine! Let’s just say it’ll really help you crank things up. As the tasting gets underway you will be educated about the process and flavoring of each liquor so that you will leave the tour with enough information to be knowledgeable about them all, even the ones you didn’t try yourself. Things tend to get pretty lively in this room, and our guide is here to facilitate your good time so don’t hesitate to let loose and let the good times roll.  You won't be disappointed with this distillery tour.

After we have concluded our tastings of the delicious additions to your libation palette please feel free to take a self-guided tour of the vineyards! We take immense pride in the cultivation of our grapes while preserving the natural beauty of the land we have been blessed with. A stroll of the grounds will center you, while running through the vineyards will invigorate and embolden your spirit. Take a seat on the swings and breathe in the fresh air. It’s your time here, and there are many more adventures to be unearthed once the tastings have concluded. When you feel you have exhausted the possibilities and there couldn’t possibly be any more fun to be had, we will climb back on that party bus and keep the gaiety pumping at max volume. This is your party. We’re just here to make it the best party ever. This is one Charleston Tour you won't soon forget.

"I highly recommend this tour--and any tour from this company--to anyone visiting charleston and looking to have a great, luxurious time! "

TripAdvisor Review - Sept 2021

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