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What Is Craft Beer? Yes You Should Try It!

Creating a craft beer is an intricate and detailed process which can change the flavor, aroma, color and weight overall. From ales to lagers, there is a vast array of choices depending on your own personal preferences. It all incorporates its own individual levels of yeast, hops, grain and water which make them all so unique and one of a kind.

charleston brewery toursFor instance, an ale has different amounts of all of the above, making the possibility for difference in taste and appearance.  There are pale ales, brown ales, stouts and porters within the ale group.  Some are usually served with a lemon, while others are not.  Historically, the brews from Germany, for instance usually have a pronounced citrus and bread-like taste both.  The American-based beers, however, usually focuses more on the citrus flavor rather than the bread and yeast flavors. 

Lagers are brewed completely differently and backwards from how ales are brewed in terms of the fermenting process.  The time it takes for a lager to ferment is much lengthier than that of an ale and is fermented from the bottom up rather than the top down.  Lagers are not near as widespread in taste and aroma options as ales are and are much smoother to drink down as well. 

Porters, stout beer and ales can all typically be found all year long, but can also be produced for various seasons specifically.  These types of craft beers have a tendency of having a higher alcohol content and have the most robust and flavorful taste around

No matter whether you are seeking a light and frothy beer, a thick, dense and dark beer or one bursting with flavors of the season, there are always many to choose from.  If you prefer foreign versus domestic beer, do your homework as you'll find there are ample choices from literally all over the world. Even if you prefer to stick strictly to an American made brew, gather information on the hops, yeast, alcohol content and overall process to make sure you find the perfect beer to suit your individual taste buds.  The possibilities are endless and you can always find that amazing and delectable flavor out there no matter what.

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