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The History of the Charleston, SC Battery

The Charleston Battery has a deep and rich history dating back to the civil war era. It starts from the Charleston harbor and runs along the Charleston peninsula. The Ashley and Cooper Rivers both are borders to the Charleston Battery and flow out to the sea.  It was once home to Fort Broughton and Fort Wilkins and played a significant role in a number of wars throughout American history. It was used in defense of enemies a number of times in Charleston, South Carolina.

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10 Fun Facts About Beer

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular American beverages around.  Just about anyone who has consumed any kind of alcohol has probably at the very least tasted beer.  It is one of the most inexpensive yet loved alcoholic beverages in the industry.  Beer comes in hundreds of varieties and flavors, combinations and levels of alcohol contents.  While it is very popular in all areas of the world, people most often only pay attention to it when they are drinking it.  However, there are 10 not so well known facts about beer that are interesting, compelling and would be fun to share with your drinking buddies sometime.

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Charleston Corn Shuckin' Festival

Be sure and check out Charleston’s own Cork Shuckin’ Festival at the Deep Water Vineyard. The event will be held on Saturday, February 6th from 1pm – 5pm.  It is only $5.00 per car to get into the event, so carpooling is a great way to go!

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How To Distill Spirits

1 The Fermenter

The distiller mixes yeast, water, and sugar (or a sugar-containing grain) in a fermenter, aka a mash tun. After three to seven days of voracious fermenting, the yeast has consumed most of the sugar, turning the mash into a wash (10 or 12 percent alcohol by volume). A pump moves the wash into the pot of the still.

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The Brewvival Festival is coming to Charleston in February

Get your beer goggles on and get ready for the 7th annual Brewvival!

Over the years, the amount of brewing companies has really grown in South Carolina and that’s what Brewvival is all about- showcasing them all and letting you sample all their beers in one convenient location.  That’s right, representatives from all over the state will be there from all the breweries giving you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sample beer all day long!

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What First Time Visitors Should Know About Charleston

 First time visitors to Charleston will find inspiration in any amount of time in Charleston, South Carolina. Simply take a stroll down any of the Holy City's busy streets or through quiet residential neighborhoods, and one can't help but encounter living history in nearly every park, building, and stately home. Below are just a few places to experience that living history around the Charleston peninsula.

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A Lowcountry Christmas at Boone Hall Plantation

The Christmas season wakes up at Boone Hall Plantation with a Lowcountry Christmas, an energizing new extraordinary occasion intended to convey occasion enchantment and delight to individuals of all ages! As occasion time moves through these goliath oaks, Boone Hall wakes up with celebrations, embellishments, and great ole southern occasion accommodation, that is just befitting America's Most Photographed manor. This season of year re-underlines how Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens is really as one of the main vacation spots in the Charleston, S.C. Lowcountry.

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The History of Charleston's Angel Oak Tree

The Angel Oak estimated to be more than 400-500 years old. It is simply known as The Tree in some circles. It stands in a wooded area in John’s Island just outside Charleston in South Carolina. Angel Oak is a live oak which also happens to be the state’s most imposing work of nature.